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// Manned Security Services

In today’s digitalized world, companies of all types and sizes need to protect their critical assets against breaches and intrusions.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t have the necessary time, money or resources to monitor their environment themselves.

That’s where a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) comes in as your embedded security partner, .


With 24/7 managed security services, you can improve your organizational security to protect your business and maximize ROI.

Finally, you can focus on running on your business with the peace of mind that your environment is secured around the clock.

// VIP Close Protection

This service is provided by our experienced ex. Military or Police background officers, they can work alone or as

a part of a team according to the risk assessment and risk mitigation plan.

Whether you are looking to protect your family, corporate members or VIPs, close protection is often necessary

to ensure optimum safety in potentially high-risk situations.

We are a highly specialized close protection company,

and our security personnel are passionate about your safety.

They work hard to ensure that people can carry out their duties with the assurance that they have the most skilled security team on their side.

Our extensive VIP & close protection services mean that we are well equipped to deal with any situation – our security operators have experience working in some of the most hostile and high-risk environments.

Many have military and close protection training and can accompany your clients and executives to any destination, ensuring maximum safety when moving between locations.


// Risk Management 

We work as partners with our clients to deliver professional and efficient risk management services

Through our extensive experience in the risk consulting services, we assure the future protection for our customer whether operating in an office, house or company

- Risk Assessments.   


- Investigations.​

- Emergency Evacuation Plans.

- Risk Mitigation and Risk Management Plans.

// K9 Services

Along side the provision of security devices, security guards, we also offer the service of highly trained security and explosives detection dogs to prevent any threat for events and corporate and strategic premises !

Our K9 handlers are specially trained for every unique scenario.

This means that they know how to react to a variety of situations, as well as how to prevent trouble starting in the first place.

Each handler has a unique and special relationship with their dog to ensure that we can provide the highest level of protection while maintaining the quality of our service. 

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// Emergency Services 

Control rooms sits at the heart of a MILLENNIUM Secure Solutions ., bringing together video surveillance, access control into one room.

It serves as a central space where client`s  physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled by our professional CCTV operators.

We can tailor and customize state of the art Control rooms for our client`s  vital facilities that is typically tightly secured.

Our control rooms are manned 24/7, 365 days a year, and have multiple operators on duty at all times, to ensure continuous vigilance.

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// Training Services

Millennium provides training to new and existing security leaders that are tailored to their expertise, the threats and risks their organization or facility faces and the needs and circumstances of the organization. The training is typically preceded by a review of the operation in question, an analysis of organizational threats, and interviews with security professionals and operational management.

Millennium security manager training can include the following components:
- Basic threat and risk analysis .         
- Risk management and mitigation strategies .
- Preparation and implementation of security plans .​
• Specific skills relevant to the trainees. This may include :-
- Incident response and crisis management .       
- Communication skills .
- Defensive driving .
- Selection, training and supervision of security personnel .
- Methods of security intelligence gathering and preparation .
- Interaction with local authorities . 
- Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace .
- Implementation and training of emergency Action Plan (EAP)
- Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) required safety and health standards training .


// Event Management

Millennium provides customized security solutions to meet client’s specific needs during corporate events, entertainment programs, product launches, concerts, sports events and many more. The security mechanism is framed into external, internal and core security solutions based on the vulnerability to sanitize the venue/ vehicles, assets and people. This is done by focusing on the critical stage of meticulous advance planning followed by implementation.

Complete security solution to meet your specific needs during events:
Intelligence to manage the gathering
Route and alternate route selection, intelligence on exit routes
Crowd control, media response
Coordination with government agencies and local law enforcement
Ready connect with fire stations and medical personnel

// Electronic Security

  • Surveillance Systems. 

  •  IP / Analog Cameras.

  •  Long Range Cameras.         

  •  Thermal Cameras.

  •  Panoramic Cameras.             

  •  CCTV Cameras.

  •  X-Ray Baggage Scanners.  

  •  Explosive Detectors. ​

  •  Walk Through Metal Detector.​

  • ​ Handheld Metal Detector.​​

  •  Vehicles/Trucks X-Ray Scanners

Screenshot 2021-01-31 104141.jpg

// VIP Airport Meet & Greet     Services

  • A part of the VIP close protection services, it is covered at all the major airports in the country, our service starts from escorting the VIP executives through our specialized officers from the airport to start their journey inside Egypt.

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