Training Services

Millennium provides training to new and existing security leaders that are tailored to their expertise, the threats and risks their organization or facility faces and the needs and circumstances of the organization. The training is typically preceded by a review of the operation in question, an analysis of organizational threats, and interviews with security professionals and operational management.

Millennium  security manager training can include the following components:
- Basic threat and risk analysis .         
- Risk management and mitigation strategies .
- Preparation and implementation of security plans .
• Specific skills relevant to the trainees. This may include :-
- Incident response and crisis management .       
- Communication skills .
- Defensive driving .
- Selection, training and supervision of security personnel .
- Methods of security intelligence gathering and preparation .
- Interaction with local authorities . 
- Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace .
- Implementation and training of emergency Action Plan (EAP)
- Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) required safety and health standards training .