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Sandbox - Gouna- 2021, 22, 23

Sandbox Festival is a place of memorable moments for more than 70 nationalities across the globe. Guests are looking for mindful experiences with likeminded curatives and music lovers. As such, for the three day festival a truly open minded and international community comes together to celebrate life, music and the beauty of the natural world around them.

In light of the above Millennium has recently been the preferred security provider for Sandbox, as an event with this scale, exposure and international community must be secured through professional and experienced security team .

Through a team of 80 members, including security guards, Emergency response team, security bouncers, VIP close protection,  supervisors, and officers  we secured the 3 day event with more than 6000 daily attendees .

Our scope were access control and the inspection of attendees through the entrance gates, venue control, crowd control and securing the venue external parameter .

The scope included official liaison with military intelligence, police, and Gouna security department .

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