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Masrena Event – Cairo Stadium 2020

Masrena event was very challenging, as securing more than 125 000 guests in addition to controlling the entrance and exit of the crowd through 12 gate counting 120 turnstile in addition to securing the main stadium and the event arena with efficient entry levels and access control to each level and zone of the venue.

Through operating 1200 security officer plus 85 management officer and lady guards through a 10 hours event on a life broadcast show aired on all national tv channels, our main goal of security wasn’t only to respond to threats. Our goal was to prevent threats from happening in the first place.

At Millennium we recognize the value that effective planning has on the security of the events. The fruits of our labor will pay off huge dividends in terms of our ability to respond to potential emergencies or incidents.

With Clear leadership, designated responsibilities and communication was established between all partners as well as their role in the event of an emergency. Millennium team also coordinated with multiple agencies like law enforcement agency, inelegance and national security.

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