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 Secondary Exams Controls  Academic Year 2019 / 2020

Despite the current challenges faced by Egypt regarding Corona virus crisis emerging was the leadership's decision political and government representatives in the Ministry of Education to hold high school exams for the academic year 2019 / 2020 after taking all precautionary measures and preventive to maintain the health core of the public of the secondary students.

At that stage, it was important to be assigned to one of the specialized security companies to follow up the implementation of those measures Millennium Secure Solutions Company was chosen to follow these procedures in the secondary controls covering all the below sectors.

  • Cairo sector

  • Alexandria sector

  • Mansoura sector

  • Assiut sector

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  • Securing the gates and surroundings of the control units 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Follow up that all of the workers and those who frequent the control unit, are following the preventive tasks (masks and disinfectants).

  • Follow up the temperature of workers and those who are visiting the control centres.

  • Control access for all the gates.

  • Regulating crowd and flow control at gates.

  • Emergency response services 24 hours   a day, seven days a week.

  • Monitor project operations.

  • A central point of contact in case of crises and emergencies.

  • Security inspection of entry and exit of individuals / belongings / funds / vehicles / etc.

  • Prevent entry of unwanted individuals.

  • Control of crowds at the gates and prevent quarrels with employees.

  • Confront any attempt to sabotage.

  • Preventing strangers from communicating with staff to obtain exam results.

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Control Room

A central control room was established to control all the main and subsidiary controls at the republic to monitor and follow up the implementation of the work assigned to the operating force and receive any notifications.


All controls were equipped with the necessary modern electronic equipment such as wireless surveillance cameras, wireless communication devices, and mobile phones to support the control room teams in following up the workflow, which contributed to avoiding and resolving many problems during the project period.



From the beginning of the project, there were many risks, the most important risk was the injury of any of the guards or supervisors or managers of the project with Corona virus, unfortunately that happened to 12 of the members.

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As a result of those circumstances, it was normal that new challenges other than the normal challenges for a project with this importance, some of the most important challenges are shown below:

From the beginning of the project, the idea of ​​multiple control sites and their geographical spread was the main challenge in project management, and it was necessary at that stage to come up with new ideas that would help in meeting that challenge in addition to the experiences of the project management team.

From this standpoint, thought was given to the necessity of using information technology and linking the main and subsidiary controls to a unified control and control center.


This was done through the provision of a wireless surveillance system. About 60 wireless cameras with the latest technologies were installed with direction connection to the Internet and linked to our control room, which allows to follow up the events in all the controls and allows the rapid intervention in case of emergencies.

This issue of the provision of personnel and supervisors and managers of areas must have the experience of the necessary work

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