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 El-Gouna Film Festival

The festival was challenging as the event was held despite COVID-19. Coronavirus security measures was in place and attendance has been cut by 50% for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Our mission was Securing the gates and surroundings of the control units 24 hours a day, follow up the temperature of visitors and workers, control all the gates, regulate the traffic and flow control at gates and make sure that all visitors and workers are following the precautionary procedures.

Our challenges were the issue of recruiting, accommodating and the transportation for the guards, also, the sensitivity of the event as it is coming as the first festival in the Middle Eastern region to launch under the global coronavirus pandemic. Follow up on all health and safety standards applied. Follow up on applying the social distancing between visitors.

With manpower exceeding 60 members, we succeeded to keep the security and following all the precautionary procedures during the event without any comments from the client side.

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